Sunday, May 8, 2011

Do Applying “WAP” to Stay focused at Work

In order to be productive at work, ones need to be focus on daily work. You can apply “WAP” approach to keep focused  at work.

1.    Write out a daily task list and plan your day. There’s nothing like a task list sitting next to you to keep you focused. When you have a list of the things you need to accomplish in a day, having that close to you constantly reminding you of what needs to be done is a great way of keeping on track.

2. Allocate time slots colleagues can interrupt you. In a busy work place, people are moving and talking all the time. If you play a role in a team where others need to interact with you, try allocating a time slot they can interrupt you. Instead of having people stop by your desk every 10 mins and asking you questions, let them know of a time in the day, say between 30 minutes before lunch hours and 30 minutes before we finish the work for today.  At all other times, you can really get some work done.

3.   Put a stop watch .  Instead of working at something till it is done, try working on it for a limited period, say 30 mins. By that time, the task is either completed or you allocate another time slot, perhaps in another day, to pick it up again. In other words you do limit you loss time.This way, you keep your work fresh and engaging throughout the entire working day.

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Rash said...

Helpful tips Nikmzakmal, thank you for sharing your ideas with us. I would say that yes, I do apply "WAP" to stay focus at work. However, I do it in a more efficient way I automate everything using a time tracking tool. Using this tool I list my entire task and organize it from the most important task to the less important. I also set an amount of time to do each task that I eagerly follow. Self discipline is the key on how I manage time effectively that helps me follow time schedule of my task. I would say that I am more productive this way.